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Howdy old friends!

Hey ya’ll !

I’m back on the site after being absent for a little over a year.
I hate to admit this, but during that year, I didn’t touch my guitar at all.
I’m definitely beating myself up about that.
What hurts me even more is login back on here and seeing all the progress I was making.
Hopefully some of that is still in my muscle memory though.

During that year though, I was back in school (I’m in my mid 20’s by the way) and working a lot.
I started taking up some electrician courses at a trade school, and if all goes well, I should be finished with the program by spring of next year.

I was thinking about ya’ll though because you guys were always so encouraging to me and I consider ya’ll my (musical) support system.
Anyways, I hope to start playing/practicing again and hopefully post up some audio recordings of my playing as I was doing before.
I’m glad to be back and happy to see you guys are still here : )


Good to have you back @raymondbyron66 Now stop jabbering and get pickin. Let’s see a video.


Thank you @Archie lol ! Okay okay … I’m going, I’m going :smile:


I’m a New Guy, so it’s great to seen an Old Guy (in his 20’s) bring his experiences back to share.
I only have one piece of advice…keep playing. Don’t wait until you’re 60 to open the case again & start playing. 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there, and before you know it you will be 30 years old and popular at parties!


Welcome back!


Welcome back to the forum! Looking forward to the videos