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Howdy All!

I didnt see an intro area and wanted to introduce my self and say hey all. Name is Todd been playin music for about 6 years. Crazy story, Piano player at church needed a bass player so I gave it a shot worked hard and loved it. Picked up a Mandolin I had lyin around one day and it hit me, WOW this aint near as hard as the Bass! (for me anyway) The fiths bug bit me. I am all self tought (probably some bad habits!! :confused: ) But I know play the Tenors (guitar and Banjo), dulcimers, and of course the Mandolin. I am by far an expert but Love music, bluegrass and gospel are my things I love best. I have some weird sense of timing that just came to me (through my head? you all know what I mean if you are into music we somehow all seem to have it? Mine is just a hair different than most? :laughing: ) I joined the gold pick and forum to help aid me in getting better. I am also introducing my sis in law to mandolin from guitar. I didnt want here to pick up my bad habits so I joined and will be going through the lessons with her, hey never hurts to get back to basics right!I also own and use recording equipment so I have a ton of “toys” :smiley: I am also a Cancer survivor of 2.5 year now so I REALLY enjoy life and all I do!! I look forward to some good discussions and probably some help and tips from all the good people here!!

God Bless,

Howdy Todd!
Welcome to the site! Ben recently put up some great beginner mando vids which should be good for the sis in law. They were a big help for me.

We do some collaborative recordings, and since you record, you might be interested in that.

There isn’t an official introduction area, but we do have a member location area that serves that purpose in ways. Larry put up a google map where people can pin their locations. The thread is here:

Nice to meet you,

Thank you Brother! Yes sir those tabs for beginers are what I am going to take her through, tryin to get here started right! and this is a good place for that!!

I did some original recordings while I was sick, just some stuff the Lord put into my heart and Head, on the really tough days I was given the gift to go inot the stuido and create, it was an awesome thing!

I will chek out that mao and you have a great weekend!

Welcome to the site, Todd! Good to have ya with us.

If you are looking to jump into the collaborative recordings, here’s a link to the area where we discuss them:

We use for the actual file sharing. Here’s a link to a project that got stalled a bit. We had a vocalist get sick, and then we haven’t heard from her in a while: … ctId=38250
It will wind back up at some point.

This is another project that is still open. There are a few break spots left to be done: … ctId=37367

Have a good one,

Welcome, Todd. We got some friendly people here, so jump right in and have fun.

That site is cool and to be able to file share is Awesome! I DL the fiddler blues song. Tried to put a small tenor banjo part in it, not quite happy with it yet but I will continue to work on it. Like I said I have a weird sense of timing and seem to hear things a bit differently so I am a bit weary about laying down a track on something someone else created!! But I guess if they didnt like it they could just delete it :wink:

Good deal! If you listened to the separate tracks, you probably noticed that we include a synch tone at the beginning. It allows whoever is mixing to line the tracks up properly. There is a video that describes the process on Kopoz, but if you have any questions, let us know. Larry and I were at some point going to do a thread on the process for people interested in collaborative recording, but it sounds like you are probably already good to go. I look forward to hearing it.

Welcome to the forum Todd. We’re all here to learn what we can and share what little knowledge we have!

Welcome Todd! Don’t know if you realise what you are getting into here - it may take over your life :open_mouth: - but either way these blokes are a singularly friendly and helpful mob. :smiley:

Thanks all,

Hey Bulldog, that good because that’s what I have

“little Knowledge” hehehehe :laughing:

I like learning though, Mike and crew got me interested in learning the melody for the Fiddlers blues, now I have almost learned part A, Learned it, cant play it effectively yet but I know it!! :unamused: