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How to see New Posts?

On the old forum there was a nice feature where you would login, peruse the topics, and in paranthesis you could see if there was any new posts for a topic. Is there a way to enable this in the new forum? I don’t want to miss out on any new post, but I also don’t want to subscribe to every post and get emails all the time either. Anybody figure out how to do this or have any advice? Thanks.

On the index page, just above the “How Do I Log In” Thread. There is a “view unread posts” link.

What Larry said plus if you want to read unread posts in a certain thread, to the left of the thread title there’s a little folder thingy that if you scroll over with your mouse it says “view first unread post” Just click it. like Ben says “Go on, click it”

Thanks for the helpful tips, guys. I appreciate it. If this was the old forum, I’d give you some positive Karma Points. Here’s a smiley face instead! :smiley:

I think we just spend WAY too much time on the site Ben. I need to start pickin’ more.