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How many have we learned

I can count 24 tunes that I have learned here but a few very few I have to use tab still yet. I have several still in the learning process. a little over 2/3 of a tune a month . don’t sound like much but to have 24 you can play is good for me . I intend to learn more as time allows and how I feel, you must feel good to make good music. Just sitting here taking stock of my learning and that is what I came up with

I don’t get to practice like I want to, but in the 3 years that I’ve been playing I’ve tucked 17 under my belt.

I had a New Year’s goal to learn 12 new songs this year, but at this point I’ll have to do some major catch up to reach that goal.

You probably did a much better job than I . but hey its all in having fun with it ,. look forward to the next lesson already, although I don’t have this one done yet .

You guys have smoked me on the learning. I am getting older each day and I can’t seem to remember new things without something else falling out. I don’t think I have even a dozen I could play reasonably well. I say this not to belittle myself, but to give you all kudos. Good job.

Went back over my list and it is closer to 22, I must say this: I can sit here all day just about any day I want so time is a factor. if you put the time like I have into it you might have 30 or 40 tunes down . One thing that I have gained here is reading tab almost as good as reading typed words. I really struggled with tab when I first started . At any rate I am having the time of my life and hope everyone is doing the same .