How many Beg. and Int. Mandolin Tabs do you have?


Banjo Ben, I love your YouTube video of Fisher’s Hornpipe for Mand’lin. I am considering joining as a Gold Pick member. You are so FUN and FUNNY!!! How many tabs are available for Beginning and Intermediate Mandolin if I join? Can I find a list of the mandolin tabs if I join? :laughing:


Go ahead and bite the bullet like I did and get the life membership!!! You learn the secret handshake, get the key to the executive outhouse, free nuts on your airline flights, free air for you car tires and a autographed picture of WaHOO McDaniel!! plus ALL the Videos and Tabs including the “R” rated ones :mrgreen: seriously though, I did that , I’m always looking for material and tips to improve my playing and Bens site has really helped me a lot.


A series is typically on one song. By my counting, there are 15 beginner mando series, probably averaging 5 videos each. There are 12 intermediate mando video series averaging about 4 videos each. To the best of my knowledge, all video series have tabs to match the videos. It has also been my experience that the tabs match exactly what is in the video. He adds a new series each week. He rotates around which instrument the series is on a given week. I would guess you could expect a new mando series about once a month.
I suspect you may be able to see the list of video series available without having a gold pick membership, but I am not sure about that. If I remember correctly it prompts for a login when you actually try to view the videos.


Howdy Y’all,

I went through the inventory of what is available on the site (not what Ben has up his sleeve) and there are a total of 43 mandolin tabs! 11 of them are advanced so that makes 32 Basic and Intermediate! Plenty to keep you busy and look forward to more and more from Ben!

Like Mike was adding, there are on average 4 videos per lesson (basically per tab). You’re alone for the math on that one!

Handy Andy