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How I file lessons

[attachment=0]2015-06-19_102314.jpg[/attachment]They say a picture is worth a thousand words . so here is the first of a thousand . for a cleaner picture and larger click on the picture . This is a work in progress I will find icons for all of them

I like keep on the sunny side. I try to hold that expression while I play it :smiley:

Pictures we need pictures LOL ! I helps me find what I want and sets it by the alpheebet :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Look at you, all organized. I don’t seem to ever save docs, just print them out, never find the one I want, print again. In short, I’m a one man disaster area. Lots of Ben Mando tab, some Ben Guitar tab I haven’t touched, Rich Del Grosso’s Blues Mandolin, Don Julian’s Idiot book. Plus my 63 J-45 and Collings MT2 (love/hate, currently loving).

I had trouble searching through all the files that looked the same, and I have this little program that allows you to change icons so why not. we all find our way and we all learn. I kinda am jealous of your system as it looks more like my computer desk LOL/

Here are some chnages to the first one . [attachment=0]more file icons.jpg[/attachment]