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How Great Thou Art

Howdy Folks:

Here’s one of the tunes I did for last week’s annual chruch picnic How Great Thou Art…I’m not sure why they like my banjo playing…they must not hear a lot of it…They keep asking me back…One of my big tunes this year was O’Suzanna…I took the hardware off my right hand and played bare finger so I could do my version of clawhammer and up picking (I’m not proud…I do whatever works!) I was plugged in to my amp so sound was not a problem. I sang the verse and had the congregation sing along with the chorus…Lots of fun…Old song but still a foot stomper…

Anyway here’s my version of How Great Thou Art.


Haha, “How great” on a banjo… I like it! I am playing that one tomorrow, but now I’ll be missing the banjo :frowning:

We did play it and I missed having you join us on banjo this morning. Ours was more of a power-ballad feel but I’d love to do it as full-on grassed version and without a warning break it out at the church. I’m not sure if we would get tossed or have an enthusiastic crowd :open_mouth: