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How about a plan?

How about a lesson plan that will get one from beginner to advanced and a lesson on daily practice routine

I just joined this site, and I was thinking the same thing. It doesn’t look like there’s much traffic on this forum, does anyone read this?

The forum has been fairly busy at times, and at other times it is rather quiet.

Pardon me for saying so, but I think the premise here is flawed. We’re all arriving here with different skill levels, experience, and expectations. And the path to getting where you want to go is going to be different for everybody. This is an art form. Sure, we all, to a point need a bit of paint-by-the-numbers, but in the end it’s all about having the desire and putting in the work and following your own path. I think the site is presented clearly enough to let each visitor figure out their right path on their own. Total beginners might have trouble with this, but for total beginners I don’t think the site should be the sole learning tool, but rather a great supplement.

And as always, for the mandolin players among us, I have to put in my pitch for Don Julin’s ‘Mandolin for Dummies’. But again, it’s another supplemental tool, not the primary vehicle to get you where you want to go.

Just my 2 cents. Worth every penny too!