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Hope I'm doing this right. Been playing for 40+ years. Starting over and not

So, I’ve been playing the guitar since I was seventeen, I’ll be sixty-one next week. Friends taught me one thing or another, took some classes, never very diligently. Playing with others I always learned a few things. So, I decided I’d start with lesson one and work my way up, and I’m learning something in each lesson.

At the same time, I’m spending a few minutes each day on your lesson for The Entertainer. I know it’s advanced but after 40 something years playing the guitar, I figured maybe I could handle something advanced while I’m relearning the basics. I think it’s working out OK.

You have an awesome teaching style, I love the fact that you offer choices in how to play a chord or how to pick a note. I want to learn the right way, but sometimes I’m stuck with the way I’ve been doing it. I’ll try to shake the truly bad habits. My fingerpicking style, as it’s developed over the years, has used just my thumb and index finger, so far that’s still mostly what I’m using. A lot of times I also pick with my index finger, instead of a pick, though I will use a pick, too.

I’m so glad that so many of your lessons involve hymns and songs of praise, I’m a United Methodist Minister, and one of the ways I use the guitar is as part of my devotional time. The more music of our faith that I can sing the more I’m fed for feeding others.

I’m enjoying your awesome music. Love to hear the Purple Hulls and their brother play and sing together. Thanks so much for what you’re doing. May the Lord bless your music, your ministry, your ministry of music and may He bless you and all those you love.


Great to have you, @brocharlieb! Please keep me posted on your progress!