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HollowBody Electric Guitar

So I’m lookin’ into buying a HollowBody Electric guitar and was wondering what y’alls thoughts were for a good affordable brand.

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Define “affordable”. Gretsch is the undisputed champion in this class. I’ve heard that the fender tele squier classic vibes is pretty good for the money, but is only partially hollow

I agree with Dragonslayer, Gretsch is definitely the way to go.

I wish you would have posted this sooner, I just traded my Gretsch G-5120 for a PRS solidbody single cutaway. It was an amazing guitar, especially for the cost. Fit, finish, playability, sound, it’s all there. The G series (what I had) is their cheaper line and are made in Korea. Don’t let that worry you, they’re really great guitars and you can find used ones in excellent to mint condition for under 550.00. I gave 450.00 for mine with a Gretsch hardshell case and it didn’t have a flaw on it anywhere. I would have sold you mine for what I gave.

If you want new, they have replaced the G-5120 with a G-5420 I believe and I think they are around $800.00 new. I would for sure buy used, there’s plenty of great ones out there.

Gretsch is now owned by Fender and there are no U.S. made Gretches any more to my knowledge. Their better line (6120) is made in Japan and you can find used ones for around 1800.00 and up, sometimes less. Unless you’re really serious, I would go for the G series, there’s not a thing to be ashamed of with these. I’ll probably get another Gretsch one of these days, they have that distinct Gretsch sound that’s hard to get from any other guitar. Plus they just plain look cool. And I’m a huge Setzer fan. How can anybody not like his guitar playing?

Before I bought my Gretsch a few years ago, I remember playing an Ibanez that was pretty impressive and some Epiphones that were good. Nothing wrong with them either, I just preferred the Gretsch.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.


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Don’t forget to check out Eastman guitars. They’re putting out about the best stuff nowadays for the money.

A hollow body electric is a funny animal. Are you looking for a hollow body with a punchy mid-rangy tone or are you looking for an electric the has a hollow body? There is a big difference and your choice will determine your best direction for looking. For example, an affordable hollow body with a nice acoustic tone and punch might be a Godin 5th Ave (all laminate), or a Loar LH300 (solid carved top). If an electric tone with just a bit of acoustic warmth is your choice, then a Fender thinline Telecaster or any 335 copy might be your best choice. There are also full sized archtops with a wood core that connects the top to the back and has the pickups mounted to that wood core. These are less acoustic, but have much of the punchy warmth that comes with a big body archtop. You should know that full acoustic archtops are prone to feedback with pickups attached and become less feedback prone as the guitar has less internal acoustic resonant space. I like the Loar LH350 for it’s floating pickup and big acoustic punch, but you can br sure that it will be more feedback prone than nearly any solid body electric like a Les Paul or Strat.

Years ago before I went with a Strat I had a Epiphone and it was super good, a great sound and you could get all kinds of tone out of it . around $400 bucks Sheraton I believe was the name of it . Go play them all at the local music stores and make up your mind there. My next hollow or semi is going to be a Gretsch for sure .

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I just purchased a Gretsch and am very pleased with it in all aspects . My last hooray you might say. I am going to use it for surf music of old and finger style picking always wanted to do that but never tried that hard to learn it . I am 75 going on a hundred so wish an old man luck. it was on sale so I grabbed it before it went off sale.


Congrats on a great guitar! I’m excited for you!

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Very cool! Love the sound of a good hollow body.

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That’s exactly what I play when I get the chance to hold a Gretsch. Congrats, I hope you have fun with it!

Yes! Way to go Ken!!!

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Alright Ken!!!

What model did you get and what color is it?

I was just thinking about you earlier today… great to see you on the forum again!

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I have had the Sheraton epiphone It was really a good one and I had the Ibanez artists series and was also a fine guitar I just purchased a Gretsch for 699,99 from Musicians friend they may still have it on sale it was 899.99 Snow crest white it looks so nice . it is to finish my time here on earth last one

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Snow crest white and it is of the G5420 It is not the white Falcon but it sure looks it . musicians friend is where I got it I stole it 699.99 Reg 899.99 And yues I need to get back on here been trouble with a bit oof depression but am coming back .