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"High Rollers" Concept

Russ Carson and I have an idea about a YouTube series called “High Rollers” and I’d like your ideas on what could make it better. The concept is for Russ and me to load up the banjos in a small plane (I currently have access to a Beech Sundowner) and fly to various destinations to explore, interview folks, pick, and eat.

We might travel to a instrument builder and interview him/her on what they do. Or we may go see a collector, like out to Jim Mills’ place and play some of his prewar babies. I also thought about flying to local jams that folks have at restaurants, etc., or going to visit Gold Pick members.

Essentially I want to combine aviation with bluegrass and banjos…and food. What do y’all think? Any other ideas?


Interesting concept. I might have known food was involved., :yum::yum::yum::cowboy_hat_face:

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What an awesome adventure that would be!

You could combine it with giving a workshop or two at a festival or one of the larger associations…maybe offset a small amount of the cost.


Excellent! I think in the course of this, you should head to restaurants and play a few songs along the way.

Play for that BBQ!


Great idea. Bring a good video camera with enough memory (and get some aviation pics, too). Remember: file a flight plan and get a complete wx brief before every flight – no exceptions!!

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Ed Robertson of the Bare Naked Ladies had a show called “Ed’s Up” for a few seasons on a network here in Canada that was similar in concept to what you have in mind, Ben. It wasn’t music-focussed at all but each episode had Ed flying to a new location in his Cessna float plane for an adventure of some sort or another. Here’s a link I found on YouTube in case you are interested: Ed’s Up: Newfoundland Fishery

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:scream: That is the best tax write off idea I have ever heard. :guitar::violin::notes::musical_note::poultry_leg::cut_of_meat::hamburger::pizza:

Amen to that! I have found an accountant that lets me write off part of my flight time as “continuing education”…this now makes that valid. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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BTW, Ben you can use my bird to get to some of the local Texas eateries.
Hard 8 Stephenville
Pelican’s Landing
Taxiway cafe
Beacon cafe

For that matter… we can cook for ya here :astonished:

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I’m coming your way, brother!!!

I don’t know how you feel about Thai food, but we have the best little hole in the wall Thai restaurant here in Houston. They close their doors every year around this time for several weeks to go back to Thailand. When they reopen, there’s a line waiting.

Would love to take you guys there.


Tom yum gai sounds good to me!

All this talk of food your making me hungry and I just got out of bed. Lets get back to banjo business or Ben will soon have a big round tum the size of mine and he sure won’t thank you when he’s out of breath having to lug all this extra luggage around every day. He will be so large that little Beech Sundowner will simply refuse to get off the tarmac.


What do you think Ben would you suit wearing a XXXXL Size T Shirt ? would certainly live up to it’s new slogan Even BIGGER & BETTER :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Fortunately we live in the USA where that size is easy to find. :slight_smile:

But Mark with all that food Ben will have a job squeezing into one that size. Believe it or not I used to be 8 stone when I was his age. The pounds start to pile on once you start tucking into takeaway’s

Russ and I had our voyage trip to KSYI for lunch, met up with Gold Pick member Cameron Liner for lunch at the Bell Buckle Cafe. Got a little footage about the concept and hope to have a vid before too long!


I can see those love handles putting on weight already. Get down and give me fifty press-up’s boy’s. need to keep you in shape for your next mission.

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Check out the Gulf Coast Blue Grass Association here in the Pensacola area. They have a concert the 4th Saturday of every month (except holidays conflicts) and a jam session of association members. I met mini Ben jamming bluegrass guitar and banjo (red-headed teenager). We have beaches and plenty of good food. I’ll buy you and Russ dinner if you can convince my kids to practice with me.
There is also a jam session in Fairhope AL on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the Fairhope Brewery but I recognize that may not be your style.

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Cool! Thanks for the invite!

What, is the Fairhope jam newgrass or something?

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Classic Bluegrass. Last time there were about 10 musicians on and off. 2 Stand up bass, 3 Dobro, 3 Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo. In the Pines, Little Maggie, Red Haired Boy, Sitting on top of the World, etc. No crowd. Just musicians jamming. Some calls out a song and key.