Hey guys


Just thought i would come in here and say hello :slight_smile:My name is Jonny and im from Co. Armagh in Ireland been using the site for around 3 months now and just realized about the forum.


Welcome to the asylum Jonny! May you be able to escape once you are cured … :slight_smile:


Howdy and welcome!

Larry set up a google map where users can put their location. I think he is secretly trying to put together a list of instruments he wants to kidnap. If interested, here is the member location thread:


You’ve exposed my plan! I was going to wait until the 1st Annual Banjo Ben Picker’s Convention and have you fly me to everyone’s house to collect any instruments left behind, but it’s clear you can’t be trusted. I gotta find me another pilot. Hey, Stich…


Welcome aboard, hope you don’t play banjo as you are gonna be a lonely soul! Our only other active banjo guy is probably a cross between Ted Kaczynksi and and Bear Grylls! He’s here about half the time (Literally and figuratively speaking) and we really don’t ask where he has been upon his return as it’s kind of an unspoken rule/assumption that he’d probably have to kill you if you found out!

Sounds like the A-typical banjo player hunh!

Oh, don’t forget to look at the “bottom” of the forum, that is where we are hanging out a lot, in the “netgrass” section.