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Here are a couple pics of my Martin DCXE Black

Show us your guitar!! I’m sure it’s nicer than mine lol …but I love my Martin and plan on upgrading when the budget allows…

God Bless You All …Have a great day !


It’s a “cheaper” Martin lol but it is acoustic/electric and plays pretty nice …like I said I love it !!

thanks Ben , for the site and everything !


Carvin AC375 … Not your typical flatpickers choice but I like it

Nice guitar Gamb!

I tried to uploads these pics before…now im trying again.
Hopefully this is a pic of my guitar.I inherited it from my granfather (I was the only grandchild he let play it). We would sit for hours playing bluegrass gospel until I couldnt stand to touch the strings. It is a 1969 Gibson Dove.[attachment=0]dove.jpg[/attachment]

very nice guitar Gibsonpicker…!!! very cool!!!

[attachment=0]my first guitar for upload.jpg[/attachment]

Here is a photo of my first guitar
an old Sigma DR-28 made in Japan for CF Martin

plays real nice and as its 32+ years old it’s starting to mellow out real nice at jams everyone thinks its a Martin D-28 and love the sound of it

I’ll post a photo of my Martin D-15 which is my main guitar now

I love that Gibson Dove bet it sounds nice would love to hear a sound clip do you have anything on Youtube??

thanks for sharing to all

Blessings Paul

I would like to introduce you guys to Betty Lou. :mrgreen: She needs the headstock polished and a different pickgaurd.

'10 D28 Marquis

Pretty guitars!

very nice guitars!!!

TNTaylor, Betty Lou is one fine looking guitar. Last fall, I went to the nearest music store to get a lifetime guitar, my first good one. They had a Marquis that was the finest of the bunch. Unfortunately, it was a bit out of my price range. I ended up getting a used, custom ordered Bourgeois built to prewar D-28 specs somewhere else. Kind of the Bourgeois version of the Marquis. Anyways, the Marquis is a great guitar and that sunburst takes it up a notch. I was wondering, why you want to change the pick guard? It looks good to me.

Ron, I feel bad about suggesting you rename the topic, but this has kind of evolved into the old “Show us your guitar” thread. I wonder if it could be renamed?

Paul, I like the woods on that Sigma. Both a great back and a great top. The lacquer has that nice “old guitar” tone to it.

TNTaylor, Betty Lou is a gorgeous guitar. Here’s a pic of my D18-GE, BettyLou’s less sophisticated cousin. She is so unsophisticated, my mom called it “The Beast.” My wife saw it in the store and really loved the sunburst, so how could I argue? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the compliment KGM. I know what ya mean about the $$, I traded two good guitars and a fist full of cash for her. Should be all I ever need though, I’m done with GAS. :slight_smile: On the other hand, are you talking about the Bourgeois Vintage D? Always wanted to try a Bourgeois. :laughing:

The pickgaurd on the Marquis aways stuck out to me. Against the dark sunburst the pickgaurd looks too red and just looks out of place. I was thinking of a Greven or maybe a fire/tiger stripe. Something that almost blends in with the top. Definately something darker.

I suck at taking pics, here’s a good one I found on the web that really shows how much it clashes. Mine’s identical.

EDIT: Thanks Mike! That’s a mighty fine D18GE you got there.

Maybe something like one of these.

Hey Shawn,
My two cents, I like the one on the HD in the middle.

Yeah, that one’s in the lead so far. Just starting to look around, there’s a ton of different designs out there.

That photo does a good job of showing how the pick guard contrasts with the sunburst finish. It’s subtle, but I can see how something like that can drive a person nuts. That middle pick guard is cool, but I like the tiger stripe on the bottom. It reminds me of a sunburst Gibson…which might be controversial to some people.
To answer your question earlier, I got a used variant of the Bourgeois Vintage D called the Deluxe Georgia Dreadnought. It’s only available through a Music Store in Georgia called Rutland’s, I believe. It has the wide pre-war specs and a specially tuned top to make it sound like a pre-war guitar. Adi top and EIR back and sides. Unlike the Marquis, it doesn’t have the fossilized nut and saddle. Also it’s saddle isn’t the long kind. It has the Bourgeois neck profile, which is the most comfortable profile I’ve used. It’s harsher then the Marquis, but it hasn’t been played that much yet. I think the previous owner was more of a fingerpicker, because it sounds sweet that way.

Yeah mine’s still a little tight and hasn’t fully opened up yet. Ben needs to kick in and tell us how that tonerite treatment went.

Thanks for the info Ben. Guess I’ll just break her in the old fashion way. Don’t know what it is about mine, plenty of volume and sustain, I just sense that it’s not quite at it’s full potential yet.

That Marquis is one nice guitar and I’m sure it’ll just get better and better. When I played one at the music store it was warm and relaxed sounding. When I was done playing, all the other guitars in the room were ringing a bit on the walls, almost in respect. When I got the Bourgeois, I brought it to the luthier to check it out. Told him about how I found it a bit harsh sounding. He told me that I’ll take a while to warm up. That it was basically a brand new(unused), used guitar and I had to play it awhile. In the meantime, I’ve tried different strings to reign in the harshness. While I’m using Elixir’s Phospher Bronze nano webs, I found two strings that mellow it out a little better. Uncoated : John Pearse Phosper Bronze. Coated, but they feel a little funny: DR Dragon Skins. The blue chip pick mellows it up a bit also, because the pick itself is very quiet. In fact, with the Blue Chip pick and the Pearse PB strings, they became almost invisible and the wood of the guitar shone through. I think the the DR’s Coating kinda changes the behavior of the strings so they sound and feel about 5% nylon-ish. And they sound nice and mellow. I wouldn’t mind using them, but they don’t fit Bourgeois guitars well because of their long double wrap at the bridge end. The Bourgeois 6th string bridge pin and saddle are too close together, so I’m sticking with the Elixir’s because I like coated strings.

Thought I’d throw a couple of my '74 D-28 in with the crowd…