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Help Please

I just bought a new Nechville Phantom. Could I get some of you (and Ben) to please write a letter to my wife explaining to her why I NEEDED to do this? She doesn’t seem to understand…

Cool! Pictures please…

Do you think she’d listen to a guy who needed four banjos in the last year? :laughing:

Oh yeah, I don’t have a wife here anymore though… :bulb:

Ha ha, greta stuff:-)

I have a Motorcycle Club called "The tortured Husbands MC Club’ maybe a tortured banjo husband club is in order too.:slight_smile:


Fiddlewood…no pics yet. Still on the ol’ UPS truck.

Well, make sure you check the tracking hourly at least like me… :laughing:

I am not a banjo player and to be honest, I don’t know what a Nechville Phantom is. However, that is such a cool name, I think that alone should explain why you needed to get one.

Here she is - beautiful and a dream to play!!!


Oh my! That’s wicked looking. The Darth Vader of banjos.
Enjoy it!

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

Oh my! That’s wicked looking. The Darth Vader of banjos.
Enjoy it!

— End quote

Yeah…you should see it with a black head…

Sweet. I was thinking of a black head on it, but I didn’t want you to think it didn’t look cool as it sits.

Yikes! :open_mouth: I see why they call it a phantom! Better know your neck in the dark!!! :laughing: Thats a blind mans banjo!!! Hey, I think its a six string too! :smiley:

Excellent, Lafaminit. I had the pleasure of picking a phantom at the 12th Fret music store in Toronto last summer. It really is a phenomenal banjo. Enjoy (and Happy New Year).