Hello everyone, good to be back!


It seems like forever since I’ve visited the forums.
Ben, sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope everything works out for you.

I hope to be able to spend more time on Ben’s forum now, and look forward to catching up with everyone!

Keep on pickin’!



Welcome back Jim! I was wondering what happened to ya.


Hey Jim! We missed you!


Hey guys!
I got involved in my other hobbies. I started 3 blogs and got back to writing my first novel.

So, what’s been going on with you guys?


Hey Jim,
That’s great you are working on a novel. Stick with it and let us know how it is going.

I have had the most eventful year in my life. Most of it wasn’t good, and I’ll just leave it at that, but hopefully things will settle down. Of course there have been some bright spots. A few months back I got to fly with Ben for re-currency training. He is just as he seems, a super-nice guy. Our music director has taken a position at another church, so yesterday I was the only guy left to lead worship. It went fine, but the cool thing was I got to feature a young girl who is wanting to seriously pursue music (she was great). There is another guy who I am pretty certain will want to take over lead in worship. That is a good thing… I like helping with the worship, but I take it a bit too seriously to be doing it all the time. Besides, if it were my normal thing, I’d be pushing the music in a far different direction than what we normally do (it is predominately “praise” music) and I am not sure the congregation would appreciate my taste in music. Last year I got together a group that did some Christmas music, and we are hopefully going to do that again this year. I have started getting some calls asking if we could play, so that should be fun. With everything else going on, I haven’t been burning through the bluegrass at a rate I would want, but it’s coming along. If I can keep up my rate of improvement, I should be a pretty decent BG musician by the time I am 90 years old or so. One thing you might have missed is the “I am a pilgrim” videos. I really enjoyed them. I think your wife plays guitar, and I am guessing she might like them as well.


Hey Mike, sorry things have been rough, I hope things settle down for you, and the rest of the year turns out better.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m finished with my first draft, so now I’m going to leave it alone for a few weeks to get it out of my head, and then come back to it.

I remember that you and Ben were talking about flying together, that’s so cool you guys got together. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see him and his sisters perform sometime, I’d enjoy saying hi to him.

You don’t think the congregation would enjoy a bluegrass theme? That would be something!

The Christmas group sounds like a lot of fun! My wife and I did that one year with a few others and had a blast. Now you’ve got me thinking about doing it again!

I’ll definitely check out the ‘pilgrim’ videos. Robin and I are looking for a new song to work on, maybe that will be it.

Good talking to you!


I am all for a bluegrass gospel church, but it would be out of character with the direction they have gone in the past. I can dream though :slight_smile: