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Helicopters Too?

Hey Ben,

I’ve been watching the videos since way back and enjoy the website as well. However, we shouldn’t restrict this to just stuck-wing now should we? Gotta include the rotary - wing folks too. Attached is the aircraft I fly for a local hospital.

Great stuff Ben, keep it up.

That’s a pretty bird.

Finally bit the bullet and joined too. Glad to see theres at least one more rotor head in here.
Heres a couple of our aircraft.

Welcome Elvis,
There is at least one other Helicopter pilot, Mig19. He posted in the “pictures and such” thread. It’s getting close to you all having enough to make your own band. I’ll get ahead of the curve and suggest a band name… what about “The Rotary Club?”

LOL, thats pretty good! Although as with most pilots, it might be hard for us all to agree on one thing.

Watch “Oregon Christmas Tree Harvest With Helicopter. Amazing Pilot!” on YouTube

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