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Hatfield's Buck Creek

Well, after a week of UPS giving me the run around about finding my home (800 people live here) ASK. Couldn’t read shipping label I guess. I got my Hatfield Buck Creek Banjo I ordered. Have to say it has a great tone to it. Arthur and Beverly were super to deal with. I doubt I’d ever need another banjo, but if I did, I’d go back to them. Fantastic people! Now…go practise


Congrats, enjoy the discovery of your new instrument.

Regarding other banjo’s … it’s a good thing that ‘Needing a new instrument’ can be evaluated by so many measures :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Show us a vid of the Hatfield someday!

grats on your new banjo… im sure it will become a joy to you…

Got any pictures?

Went to the local banjo shop the other day at just the right time. A lady was just picking up her $8k custom ordered Prucha. Wowzer!

ok…don’t know how to post pictures…LOL

I had the pleasure of playing the Buck creek and I was astonished at the craftsmanship in that Banjo. it was so easy to note and just felt almost alive . If you are a serious player it would pay anyone to check one out .

Those are nice looking banjos. Did you get to play one before ordering?

No gamb I didn’t. took a leap of faith from what everyone said about them and a couple of sample tracks I heard. Not sorry I did.

Only problem I’ve found is, I have a 74 Iida that I had, take it with me to play around campfires, while racing wagons on weekends, charters in winter etc. I took it this last weekend since getting the Hatfields and realize how bad it is compared to it. Having problems with the neck on it, so I emailed Arthur Hatfield to get his idea on what might be wrong with the Iida. Guess only draw back is, it’s like driving a Mercedes then going back to your Chrysler K car…lol

I know exactly what you’re talking about! I went into a shop and played a Huber Roanoke Truetone the other day…then came home and played on my Deering Goodtime and Washburn.

I have lusted after one of those Hatfield Buck Creeks for a while now. I have never played on but everyone seems to like them.

Bad arm and all, I’m really enjoying it.

— Begin quote from "ez2cy"

Bad arm and all, I’m really enjoying it.

— End quote

You can’t ask for more than that!