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Has anyone played a Furch?

A friend of mine played a bluegrass show this past weekend in Mt. View, AR. He played a Furch guitar for his first time and called me telling me its better than his Martin. Just looking for more opinions before buying one.

I’ve owned Martins that were just “ok” and some that were great so I’m not sure I’d buy a guitar because someone said it was better than their Martin. That being said, I saw the Furch guitars at the music store on the square in Mountain View last weekend. I always swing by there to kill some time and test drive a few guitars during the bluegrass festival weekends. Had never seen or heard of them before. Took one off of the wall, think it was a herringbone dread, and the first thing I noticed was the quality of craftsmanship. Good wood, attention to detail, nice looking guitar. Played it for a few minutes and put it back on the wall. Didn’t blow me away but sounded pretty good. Checked the price tag…$2400. Thought of several other imports that sounded as good for a lot less cash. Just my opinion of course, your ears may hear something better.