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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Just finished off some turkey and dressing and all the trimmings it is great to have a great meal with the family. I Hope all had a good time today and a good meal, it is the most any one could do is offer a meal, it nourishes the body and carries it through a while longer better than silver and gold . What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his turkey or ham. Thank you for the good wishes Mike.

Very well put, Welder. Spoken with true wisdom. Was able to enjoy a little family time and eat a good Thanksgiving dinner myself before heading to work at the paper mill this afternoon. Missed a lot of holidays in the last 27 years with rotating shift work but it’s always kept food on the table and shoes on the feet, and for that I’m truely thankful.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving day too, Mike!

Now it will take a year to regain my girlish figure LOL , pies, fudge,ice cream,cranberry sauce and the gravy. Cakes, cheese cake and so on . It is one time of the year I sort of over eat . Turkey and ham, green beans and cowboy beans all varieties that could be thought of and served . feel sorry for the wife she is 70 now and she hit the hey early around 6 PM. I was up til about midnight and beyond . of course going back for more . I am truly thankful no one had to go to the ER and all is safe and in bed at home as I speak. Having a mate that can gook and also good looking is a definite plus , Thank you dear!! Now where did she put that cheese cake MMM ? :mrgreen:

We had a smaller than usual crowd at our place yesterday. Which means more leftovers for me!

I’m starting to shift into Christmas mode. I just watched Ben’s ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ for the first time. Nearly died laughing. It was so good I had to watch it 3 more times.

And then I broke out my new baby, I can’t believe I wasn’t sure about the new Collings initially. We have a gig in a couple of weeks so I’m trying to quickly learn a couple of Christmas tunes. Ben hasn’t done this one for mando yet, but I spruced up the basic melody a little bit using some of the ideas he gave us in the build-a-break episode. So here’s a very modest version of ‘What Child is This’.

I like your version of “What Child is this?” That song fits the mandolin nicely!

It is a quick transition this year from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This Sunday, we’ll do “Thank you, Lord” as well as “O come, o come Emmanuel.” Kind of a transition service for Thanksgiving straight into advent.

Good job on “What Child is This” Jim. You kept it simple yet added just enough to keep it in good taste where it’s nice to listen to. And kept it at a good speed too. Sounds like you’re enjoying the new Collings.


Very nice Jim. Sweet sounding mandolin.

Thanks for all the kind comments Guys! Yes I am loving the new mandolin. I’m debating whether to get a pickup installed in it. I have one in my beater, and I’m going to hold on to it. The gigs we tend to play are either at American Legion type joints, or in the summer alot of private parties. Those parties are the worst, they’re usually outside. The last couple we played, everybody that came seemed to bring their dogs with them. And young kids. I spent the entire time before we started hanging near the stage, fretting that something was going to get knocked over. Specifically my near vintage Gibson Guitar. ('63 J-45). Not sure I could handle the stress of two good instruments getting exposed.