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Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there …Its My first Fathers Day since Dad passed …tough day but Im thankful for my Sons and all the time the Lord gave me with my Dad …Have a great day all !!!

Mighty slow around here today. Everybody must be celebrating Father’s Day (or else we’re all in the woodshed).

Hang in there, Ron, and enjoy your day with your sons.

I’m sitting on the porch waiting for my new banjo to show up. Oh yeah, it’s Sunday. Darn! Actually it won’t be here for several days yet.

Yes, I bought this 5string form Ron! hehehe!


Ron, The first year missing someone is the worst; especially all the holidays or special days one has had with that person. Trust me, it does get easier with time.

Lost my Dad in '98 and my Mom passed last august. I was very close to both of them personally as well as living next door after they moved into a new house I built while I stayed in the old place.


thanks for the kind words and encouragement …I did have a great Fathers day despite it being a really tough day …got a wonderful card from my Son and girlfriend …went and practiced baseball with my youngest son …had a nice dinner with them and spent some time reflecting on my Father and the great Father he was …I miss him …My oldest son is in the AF . I got a nice Facebook post from him and a phone call …I am truly Blessed …and grateful …thank You Lord …

Ron, that’s great you had a good day. You did the best thing you could do by being around others I think. Talk Helps a lot to.

I did about the same as you in thinking of all the great times I had with my Dad over the years, and of what a wonderful person he was. I just had the dog & the banjo here so made the best of it and picked most of the day (and of course scratched my dogs butt many times, I’m a pro at that)

I understand what it was like. I lost my mother a year ago, June 11. Mother’s Day was hard, but so was Sunday a week ago. The music director picked “In the Garden” to sing just before my sermon. It was a favorite of my mother’s, and she had me sing it for her often when I was young, sitting beside her at the piano.