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Happy Birthday

Happy first birthday to the newly designed website. Or should it be an anniversary? Either way we made it through a year without crashing the site, and I’m 365 days better at flatpicking than I was.

Good memory! Happy birthday indeed!

Fully agree. It has been great getting to “know” you blokes … :smiley: Have had buggerall time to actually work on learning to play mando or guitar better but have certainly gained some skills in recording, thanks to y’all ! It feels truly amazing to sit out in the bush by myself and make music with folk on the other side of the world - technology sometimes has its benefits :mrgreen:

I’m amazed that I can sit on this side of the world and learn cool new words, like “buggerall”. :smiley:

Or “No wuckers.” I had to ask Dr. Google about that one.

Short for " No wucking furries"

I’m so glad all of y’all are a part of this site and so active on this forum! You help Ben and me out and of course y’all always keep it fun and interesting!

Keep Pickin’!

Handy Andy