Handy Andy


Hey guys and gals!

My name is Andy and I have been helping the Banjo man out with the site. He has been quite busy with all the events in his life lately, so I have been assisting him in answering emails and maintaining the site.

I am good friends with Ben. We go to the same church, and when he is out of town he even fools me into teaching his Sunday School class. Anyway, just wanted y’all to know that if you see emails or anything else that’s not from Banjo Ben then it’s just from me.

Thank y’all for supporting the site and Ben. We appreciate it!

God bless,

Handy Andy


Hey there Andy,

Are you a picker, too?

We’re gonna need to hear a few bad jokes before we know if you can really fill in for Ben.


Maybe a video too.


Hi Andy,
Thanks for taking care of us. If we can do anything to help, let us know.


Hey y’all are awesome! I am so far from a picker that it’s a joke I’m working on this website for Ben! I couldn’t even tuna fish!
I might get on a video but usually I’m just the one uploading all the vids!

Let me know if there is anything I can do for y’all or the site!


Hey Andy, thanks for your help, the site is great!