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Half Ben half me St Annes reel

[attachment=0]St annes reel.mp3[/attachment] I have not learned the B part that Ben does so well . so I added my part to B and this is the result . different yes .

I like your B part. Have you been playing that longer?

I used to play it another way I knew the tune way before Banjo Ben but I did like the A part that Ben did the B part was a little to, well for a better word I use fancy or embellished . They both sound good to me and the way I do the B part is also much easier than Ben’s / I tend to go for easy in my old age, I do intend to learn his B part also it makes learning other tunes much easier . Just like when I played mostly Mo-town and rock an roll, it was much easier than Blue grass .

I guess we all want to put our own thing in to it .