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Gustafson finger picks

There is a new idea which may be the answer to the ultimate finger pick , they have refined it and it may be in production soon and for sale to the general public . I intend to get at least two of them and try them out as I feel the metal picks are brutal to me as I have sensitive fingers. One aspect of these picks you can down stroke them and not lose the picks from the fingers. They will not suit every one but I feel it will be for the guitar more than the banjo because of the metal sounds better against those strings but hey we might have a revolution her with these picks/ any one interested can type in or google Gus Gustafson ultimate fingers picks and you can see them and see them in action. … -pic/posts there is the link for those wanting to see the picks

Looks interesting for classical types that have trouble maintaining enough nail.

They put it through some pretty heavy playing on one of the videos . I like the idea of not coming off , and being able to do the down stroke with the fingers.