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Guitar shops around Nashville

Going on vacation week after next and plan on spending a day guitar shopping while I’m there. Definately going to hit Gruhn’s in Nashville and Artisan’s in Franklin and was wondering if there were any other reputable stores in the area I’m not aware of. Looking for a Bourgeois or Collings.

Hey Bulldog!
I think you can easily spend a day between the two places you mentioned. I have spent many hours at a time in Gruhn’s and could have always spent more. As far as other places or places specifically for the two brands you mentioned, I don’t know any more than what I know about Gruhn’s. Gruhn’s usually has a decent selection of Collings available. Right now, they have a Collings DS1-A (sloped/ 12 fret/slotted/Adirondack) that I would love to hear. They also currently have a Bourgeouis DV2-M (Adirondack, varnish and hide glue!) that I would love to hear as well. If I were going, I would call ahead and get those as well as as a Martin custom D-21 (adironack on madagascar/hide glue/T-bar… I like the looks of stock number AA8781) and the CS-21-11 and you would have the makings for a killer tone comparison. Since Gruhn is moving, I would call ahead to ensure that you won’t catch them when they are in the process of moving. I think I mentioned before that Billy at Gruhn’s has always been helpful to me.
I haven’t been to Artisan’s but I called to inquire about a guitar and they seemed very helpful. They have nice looking stock. It sounds like it is in an interesting area as well.

Another thing is Ricky Skagg’s D-150 that Ben is selling if it’s in the price range you would consider. I have been thinking about that one a bit as I lay down to go to sleep. If Ben is around he might be able to hook up with you for a test drive.

Yeah Mike, I bet that D-150 is a jewel but it’s more than double for what I’m looking to spend. I’d really like to buy used if I can find a deal on maybe a Collings D2H adi or a Bourgeois Vintage D. I’ve been GASing for those two guitars for a while which is nuts because I haven’t played either! Just know people who have. I’ve got an old HD28 that satisfies my Martin needs so I’m good there. Will probably play everything I can get my hands on including the ones you mentioned.

I’m in MIke’s state and Ben’s Home state now, but came up with enough time to check emails and this site. A place you may check:

Music City Pickers - I bought my D18 from these guys. It’s hit or miss with them on what they have on the rack at any given time. It’s also close to “The Station Inn”, so if you are heading to there then take a look and see what they have on your way.

My miss was missing John Prine coming in to check out a 1944 D28 they had. Yep, Prine was in just before me, when I asked if I could play it they said “Sure” and “maybe this won’t mean much to you, but just an hour or so ago John Prine was in to look at at play that D28”…um I was and still am a fan of John Prine.

I don’t know too much about the Nashville area. I’m still trying to find the time to get to Artisan myself. I have been looking around on the the Guitar Gallery website ( I think) for a pickguard. Looks like it’s a high-end, appointment only, fingerpickers paradise. I did see a few dreads though. Don’t know how up to date their website is.

How did that '44 D28 sound, Jesse!?!

Bulldog, I briefly checked out the stock at Artisan. Wow. You are gonna have a blast. I know you are looking for guitars, but they have a Collings MT2 V (with varnish). I have always wanted to try a varnish MT, but I have never seen one. If you get a minute to compare it with a regular MT, I’d love to hear what you think about the difference.

Jesse (or anyone else headed this way), if you get around the Fort Worth area, give me a yell. I’ll feed ya!

Appreciate the offer Mike and if I was closer to ya I’d probably take you up on it, but I am all the way down on the southern tip of Texas in Brownsville…right on the Rio Grande. Is a really nice town, I was surprised. Have not made it over to South Padre Island but am going to this weekend and will head down into Mexico for a few days also.


Gruhn posted their moving schedule. The last day at the current location is June5.

Well after everybody’s good advice I had to postpone the trip to Nashville. Daughter got tied up and couldn’t get away so we’ll probably go in July. All was not lost however because I still did some shopping while I was off work. I’ll post what I found on the “guitar” page.