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Guitar Shop Concert

Hi Guys, had a great week. spent two days at Preston Thompson Guitar shop in Sisters Oregon this week. On Tue evening we got a private show by Chris Luquette and his mando and bass player, great music for two hours. Did it right in the shop there were about 30 people there, plenty of free beer and wine too. The following day this Wed. there was a guitar workshop and learned a few new things, so all in all a great time.
If your not familiar with Preston Thompson guitars they are spectacular! I am having a OOO 12 fret built myself.
While we were there on Tue. Ricky Scaggs called in and custom ordered two new dreadnoughts for himself so it looks like Kentucky Thunder will have one on stage soon. Peter Rowan was by the shop a while back this summer and Tim May hangs out there every year for the Sisters folk festival. Also Jake Workman and Brad Davis come by now and then. It’s a cool little shop, very informal and you can hang out and play guitars all day if you want. None for sale in the shop now but the ones on the wall are Preston’s and you can play them.
Visit the website and there are some videos on there, I tried to upload one from the concert here but the file was just too big to go wouldn’t finish uploading.
Preston also built Charles Sawtelle’s guitar from HotRize, check it out. Jerry :mrgreen:

My wife might get mad that you posted this :smiley: