Guitar polish


I got some preservation polish from stewart-macdonald. It seems to do a nice job. It cleans very well, and it has a mild polish in it. Some will hate the smell, some won’t… I’m kind of indifferent. The good news it that it is silicone free. I usually do as much as I can with a soft cloth before I start using any liquids, but in theory, this should be safe for fairly frequent use. It does have mineral spirits, so you might want to check with your manufacturer if you have something other than nitrocellulose lacquer.
I give it a thumbs up.


I didn’t know until recently that some guitar polishes can damage certain finishes. Wasn’t too sure if my old bottle of Ernie Ball polish (10 years old) contained silicone or not. I have heard alot of good reviews on Virtuoso guitar polish, so off to the store I went. They didn’t have it but I had my choice between Lizard Spit and Winzer. I went with Winzer and after a couple of uses it seems to work pretty good. It even says on the bottle, “works on polished aluminum and stainless steel”. :open_mouth: :slight_smile:


Hey Shawn,
That’s awesome… we could clean a guitar OR a grill with it! I am in the same boat with some old polish. I have an old bottle of Atheras polish, and the stuff works miracles, but I have no idea what it contains. From what I understand, silicone doesn’t cause any damage, but if you need to do a finish repair, it causes problems with that. It is hard to rid a surface of silicone. I guess that’s why it does such a nice job of blending scratches.

While we are on the topic here’s a few other tidbits.
Don’t use polish on a matte finish guitar unless you want it to look different. I saw a guitar where someone had used polish on one and it was real shiny in spots. The poor guy or gal probably thought they were gonna get that guitar looking like new.
For years I have used a little lemon oil on my fingerboards. Martin’s website said that it shouldn’t be done as it can react with the lacquer. I never had a problem, but I guess I’ll listen to 'em since they made the thing.


I’m going to try to polish out the satin finish on my headstock and maybe the neck. Just a little nervous about removing the tuners and stripping the screws that go into the wood. I’ve seen some guys go all out and polish the whole guitar with pretty amazing results. Really brings out the wood grain.






These are not my guitars.


I’ve never polished out my headstocks. I’ve got one that has kind of a milky look to it and I have thought about it. Let me know how it goes. I wouldn’t worry about stripping the screws. I have had my tuners off a couple guitars and I didn’t strip them. Just use very little force to seat them when you put them back and you should be fine. A tiny screw can’t take much torque. If it does strip, it’s not the end of the world. You can just glue small pieces of wood (like a broken off piece of a toothpick) in there. I am getting ready to give my old P-Bass a 35 year maintenance facelift and most of the pickguard screw holes will need similar attention. I’m not sure I’d polish the neck. I have had thoughts of unpolishing some of my necks :slight_smile:

That 00(0?)-15 looks pretty sweet like that. From the looks of the clean line “during” I would guess they are using a big buffer wheel. My wife’s guitar (a Martin GPCPA3) has a satin back and sides and I have thought about polishing it out, but I kind of like the matte too. It doesn’t get fingerprints and such as easy as a polished one.


btw, I also just noticed they changed out the pickguard on the 00(0?)-15. If you are going to polish out the guitar, that’s the time to change it. I like the one they “picked.”


Shawn, if its your Marquis your messing with I don’t blame you, I’d be nervous too. When you do it be sure to take some pics and let us know how it went. Might want to try it myself…probably on my old Seagull first!
You mentioned Virtuoso polish earlier. I also heard a lot of good things about it on another forum a while back and decided to get the cleaner & polish set. Best stuff I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a lot. The cleaner will do wonders with a dull dirty finish on an old guitar. Cost a little more than other polish but it lasts forever. Had to order it on-line, nobody around here carried it.


I’ll post before and after pics when I do it. Thanks for the tip on the tuner fix if it comes to that Mike. I know what ya mean when it comes to polishing the neck. I’ve seen some pics where some guys actually sand off all the finish on their necks to get 'em perfectly smooth. I don’t want a bunch of “gunk” building up on the neck.

Bulldog, good idea on trying it on another guitar first. I’ve got an old Alvarez I may try it on first. I’m probably going to ditch this “grill polish”( :laughing: ) and get the good stuff and not have to worry about it.


Wick some thin CA (super glue) in those small screw holes before putting the screws back in and the threads will last much longer. Old modeler’s trick.