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Guitar player gets the bird

At about the 1:30 mark a bird lands on the guitar and perches there for the rest of the song. The band (especially the guitar player) handled it very well.

I’ve seen this before but it’s still great to watch. Thanks Larry

I’m always the last one to the party, Stich. I thought it was pretty amazing. I watched it a couple of times. I think it was just a fledgling bird falling out of the nest.

That was fun to watch!

Thanks for posting. I hadn’t seen it and that is just great.

Fun one. I wonder what kind of bird it was.

Thanks, that was a fun video. I thought it was great that he just kept singing!

Could it be the high notes resonating from the strings?
I love to sit on my front porch and pick away. And I’ve noticed several birds in the area will swoop down and sometimes land.

That’s one of Mother Nature’s Bluegrass fans! lol :smiley: