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Guitar for granddaughter

I just recently purchased an Eastman guitar from the General Store to get my 14 yr old granddaughter started. When she received it she called me all excited. I said, well, how is it? She said…The case is really cool…Oh my, this is not going to be easy…remember me in your prayers…lol


@Lefty70. Wow ! Keep us posted on the progress of your granddaughter. I am hoping at least one of my four grandchildren will have an interest in music. The oldest is 7 so maybe in a few years I’ll be calling the store.


Awesome case!!! :laughing:

That’s fantastic. I encouraged my two nieces similarly. One of them is now a pretty fine pianist and the other likes plinking around on songs with me. So long as they have the opportunity to enjoy music, I figure “mission accomplished.” Good luck and have fun!