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Anyone have suggestions for a case for a grand auditorium guitar. Thanks :grinning:

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My first call would be to the folks at the Banjo Ben Store. If they didn’t have what I was looking then TKL makes good cases, that’s who Stelling uses for their cases. Im interested to see what others on the forum recommend.


I like my Gator case; it seems relatively protective and also looks nice.


Agreed that I’d call the general store first. They have taken great care of me. If it is an non-typical case size, I have purchased a couple “seconds” from Martin and you might be able to find similar for other brands of guitars. The ones I got were supposedly flawed, but I didn’t see a problem with either. It allowed me to get the right fit for odd ball sizes (N-20 and a 0000), and they were quite a bit off the new price. And Brent is right… many of the nice OEM cases are by TKL.


Hi Emilie The best case I have is a TKL for my Stelling. @Jake carried out some bench tests on the Calton Case awhile back You might care to check out.


My calton case is great and by far the most protective case I own. The only disadvantage other than the price if you aren’t looking to spend a lot, would be the weight. They are quite heavy but I still take mine everywhere where I won’t be the only person carrying it because I know nothing can happen to it. The cross rock fiberglass cases are nice cases as well and not so heavy or expensive. Or if you are looking for more of a bag, I’d recommend reunion blues, or the hard foam gator cases are great as well.


I have a guitar case called a BAM case. It’s an incredibly lightweight hardshell guitar case made in France. I like it because it’s light but still very protective. Google BAM cases - they’re well worth the money.


Hey y’all thanks for all the feed back. @Archie @Flatpickin_Libby and @Timothy_L thanks and I would love to have a Calton or a Bam but after the purchase of my Twanger they’re way out of my price range right now. I also don’t do a lot of traveling with it just a family road trip every few months. Plus I would feel a little funny about putting a $500 guitar in a $700-$1200 case :grin:. Sorry guess I should have mentioned price range above but I’m glad to have the better case knowledge for later. Right now I’ve got it in my old road runner dreadnaught case with something filling the gap which I’m kind of starting to get sick of. I am definitely planning on giving the Ben’s general store a call though. It’s kinda funny @Michael_Mark brought up gator cause I was looking at this one and I know 000 and grand auditorium are kind of similar do y’all think it would fit? Thanks in advance!


I’d suggest just calling the General Store, as they are a Gator Case dealer and could get most likely get a specific case in for you and will know what sizes of guitar will fit in what kinds of cases. Mine is the ABS plastic version; I’ve never tried the wood ones.


We all obsess over the Calton $$$$$ I just wanted to watch that video again with @jake


For your price range, get a gator or a cross rock case both of which are great choices.