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Guitar / Banjo home practice chair

Practicing playing at home sitting down / not wanting to stand / I get Banjo Bum - any good results with different chairs used to practice ?
I like the chairs Dave uses on his Christmas
clawhammer Lesson videos . Any idea what brand they are or where to buy them? Meanwhile I will adjust my practice time and try standing while
playing - Dave

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I use this one for practice. Small enough to keep in the closet, but I needed something without arms. Not the most comfortable chair you have ever sat in, but it is molded and shaped for your back and rear.


Hey Dave! Welcome to the board!

We were just talking about this subject over at:

Not sure what your budget is, though. I searched the forum and found a couple of other similar discussions. Might want to see if any of those have anything to your liking.

I recently got the same Banjo Bum, and I love it! It’s definitely helped me out with my practice time. As far as the chairs Dave uses in his Christmas clawhammer lesson, unfortunately, I’m not sure what brand they are. It might be worth reaching out to him directly to see if he can provide more information. In the meantime, I’d suggest to look here: if you’re searching for a good chair to practice on. They have a great selection of furniture that will be a great choice to use while playing.

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If money is no object

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I wonder if a comfy drum throne would work?

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I have a friend with a drum throne with a back and it is super comfy.

I use a drum throne. It works great. Here’s what I had posted in a previous practice chair thread.