Greensky Bluegrass


These guys are new to me. I like what I’m hearing.



Nice video. Those guys have played down this way a few times. I’ve managed to catch partial sets at festivals on a couple of occasions. They are very talented.


Yep, bluegrass as we know it has made a change, and I will be the 1st to say I like it.

I have always been more of a “hippie grass” type of guy if I had my pickings, but don’t mind traditional bluegrass at all.

These guys have that Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, Trampled By Turtles, Gillian Welch /Dave Rawlings type sound and I really “dig it”. Throw in OCMS and present day bluegrass has changed a bit from the days of Ol’. And man oh’ man can most these young folks pick the crap out of a stringed instrument or what!


They sound really good. I also gotta give bonus credit for the guitarist’s mustache and SCGC Roy Smeck. It’s a different guitar sound for grass, but I like it. It blends well.


Take a bath and go see a barber…


Ha! I’ll take that as a vote for traditional bluegrass, Bulldog. :laughing:


Oh, don’t take me too seriously. I like all kinds of acoustic music. Mostly instrumental though. :wink:


Oh… I thought he was talking to me :blush:


Aw come on Mike, really?? Just look at your avatar. Such a nice clean cut young man! :laughing:


On that picture, Larry photoshopped it. I think he gave me a nice haircut and cleaned me up as well.

Just in case… I was just kidding, I didn’t really think you were talking to me… but I am due for my annual haircut. :smiley: