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Great Time Busking Last Night at Birmingham Artwalk

And I’ll do it again tonight! Fun! The guy there is my friend George, he and his wife Becky came to see me.

Wayne, I’m glad you had a good time. Nice subtle suspenders and tie. Last week you made like $12 an hour, how’d you fair last night?

Thanks, Mike! I find that if I dress up a little, it adds to the flavor of the thing, and the powers-that-be are more willing to tolerate me. Last night, for instance, I was asked to move away from the heavy-foot-traffic intersection, but I was not asked to leave altogether, so that’s good. I was there four hours and ended up with $62, a little better than last time. This event was in the lofts districts–lots and lots of taverns and bars, and as it got later and later, people were more and more drunk and generous. One guy gave me a $10 bill, and I had several fives in there too. One older woman, I think she was coming to visit me after each shot, and those last couple of times, she was really weaving around. Near the end of the evening, a couple of guys carrying cases, a guitar and a banjo, stood and watched me for a while, mostly smirking–but they each put a dollar in when they were done smirking, so that’s okay. Excellent experience and good practice!

What I need is a funny hat of some sort. A bowler, maybe. Hmm…