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Great Beginner Exercise Using Two Separate Lessons

Stumbled on an exercise that seems to be a great one for beginners to learn rolls and licks.

Not only will you gain some great experience with your rolls, but you will also burn the different licks into your brain as you apply them to an actual song. As an added bonus, if you’re ever at a jam and someone kicks off Boil Dem Cabbage Down, you will have a plethora of breaks to go along with the 4,000 different verses that go along with that song!

First, master Ben’s two videos using Boil Dem Cabbage Down … bage-down/ … bage-down/

After that, use the licks he supplies in his Bag O’ Licks videos to substitute over the chords to the song Boil Dem Cabbage Down that you just learned in the forward and backward rolls videos. … oot-licks/
(continue to use his different Bag O’ Licks videos to learn more and more)

Keep pickin’ and keep grinnin’!

I really love the bag of licks lessons. So fun to play the licks.