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Grassers in training

This week at my church, we are having vacation bible school. Last Sunday, I got the kids involved in the music during the service. There is a girl about 11 that played fiddle (although she still calls it a violin… I am still trying to teach her to drool and play at the same time). Another girl who is 16 played guitar and sang. They are both quite good. All told, I had about 9 band members (with two kids) and a dozen other kids singing. Based on the number of people involved, I think we kind of looked like an Earth Wind and Fire up on the stage. As soon as one of the kids gets tall enough to play an upright, I’ll try to get that going :laughing:

Here’s a video from last night (necktie Tuesday) singing with the youngest group of kids. I thought you all might get a smile out of it:

Made me smile. Those kids are having a good time. The guitar player seemed to be enjoying himself, too. :smiley: Love the tie.

Aw now thats as cute as it can be. A guitar will always liven up a crowd. Good job Mike. Like the B7 to Em also!

Me wearing a tie is just not normal. I guess I wouldn’t make it as a banker with my dinosaur tie.

Good ear Bulldog, that’s exactly what I was attempting to play.

I am recruiting kids from all the various age groups to come back on Sunday and sing in the service. We’ll have to see how it goes in practice, but I am thinking of transitioning at the end of “This little light” to a verse and chorus of “I saw the light.” Last week I had an inflatable world bouncing around the congregation during “He’s got the whole world.” I’ll either get some feet tapping, or more likely, I might get asked to leave :laughing:

We did do the transition from “This little light” to “I saw the light” (full-on grass style) this morning in service. We got a request for more bluegrass after we were done and now the bass player says he wants to get an upright. Yee haw!

Ya made my day…thanks

He’ll have fun with an upright!