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Got Tab for "You are my Flower"?

Do any of you happen to have tab of this song laying around anywhere?


From what I have researched it was originally written by the Carter Family.

I have been working on Wildwood Flower and have gotten the melody down on that one pretty solid now I just need to go back and get the rhythm down so I can feel like I can play it in the jam but I have been listening to this song too and I love the melody to it.

Hey Brad, I been wondering where you went.

I wasn’t familiar with this song, but I like it. For a banjo player, Earl played a pretty mean guitar.

He sure did! I never knew he played guitar until I read on the net that he was actually behind the guitar on this one and not Lester and I also saw him pick up a guitar on an episode of the Flatt and Scruggs show that Ben posted on his facebook page awhile back.

I been around just been tied up with work and things and haven’t been picking much, my picking hand has been getting to me again, think cause I have been working and using the mouse and keyboard too much. Going to my jam tonight, first time I will have been there in probably a month, can’t wait to go and get back after it, I had a really good time last time I went, prolly the best performance I had in awhle, hopefully I can duplicate it tonight :smiley:

The best recording I have heard of this is on “Will the Circle be Unbroken” Although written by A.P. Carter, and although Mother Maybelle was featured in several songs, she did not sing vocals on this recording. However, Earl and Randy Scruggs were featured on guitar.

If I could only own one album, it would be “Circle.”

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my picking hand has been getting to me again, think cause I have been working and using the mouse and keyboard too much.

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Have you ever tried a pick like that one? It’s supposed to be made for people like you who can’t hold the pick as well as they’d like. I don’t know if it’s just a gimmick, or if it is helpful, but maybe it’s worth a try.

Thanks for the suggestion. That looks promising. The last I talked to Brad, his problems had accelerated and he was selling equipment. As far as I know, he probably hasn’t been on the forum for quite some time as a result. I have an email address for him, I’ll send a link to this thread and to the product on Amazon.
Next time I make an Amazon order, I might get one for my friend with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s worth a shot.

Sorry 'bout that.


Thanks for the pick suggestion. Unfotunately I am not sure that would work for me as the big problem with my right hand seems to be my thumb wanting to stay right against the side of my hand. The only way for me to get it away from there is to consciously force it which then gives the muscles in my arm, shoulder and neck fits as I am putting so much tension down there to do it and as well all know tension anywhere while playing is a horrible thing to do.

Unfortunately I have traded my banjo for a guitar for my daughter and put my guitar in the closet to collect dust. Perhaps someday my brain will decide it no longer wants my hand to do these stupid dystonic movements and I can return to it but until that time I have taken to playing the radio and most recently went back to my first hobby, Karate, after a few years out and am loving that so that is filling the gaps when I am not working. I will create another thread in chit chat and post a link to my school’s facebook page in case any of you would like to take a look.