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Got malaria, please pray

Hey, all. As some of you know I live in Africa where there is always a risk of malaria, and I caught it (wish I could release it) anyway I’d been feeling bad for two days but tested negative, and then today I tested again and was positive. I have already taken the first dose of medicine, please pray that I’ll be able to keep the following doses down, and for strength and quick recovery for me as well as strength for my parents cuz this ain’t easy for them either. Thanks and God bless


OH NO! That’s something we don’t even think about here in the States. So sorry to hear what you’re going through. Wish there was something I could do. Are there any supplements that help with malaria?

Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Oh my goodness no. So sorry to hear this. Honestly I don’t much about malaria. What is the treatment? What is your prognosis?

You’ll be in my prayers.

Praying for you, brother.

May God bless you by showering healing powers upon you. In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN.

Now each and every person who reads this is praying for you, brother!

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Thanks for all thr prayers! @Mark_Rocka, I’ve kept three doses down using a fever reducer, two crackers, and a benadryl. I’m going to take an iron supplement soon. Other than that no supplements really. @Maggie, you know the wormwood in revelation? That’s the medication :face_vomiting: not sure what prognosis means, but it’s about the same as the four (you read correctly) times I’ve had it before; dehydration, weakness, misery, nausea, yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Anyway I’m halfway through the medication, and should be recovered fully before thanksgiving (lord willing :pray:)

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Oh man! I don’t know anyone that’s had malaria once, much less 5 times. Man I’m so sorry to hear that. :cry:

When I get a bad cold I’m curled up in a blanket, whimpering, and feeling all kinds of sorry for myself. You are on your way to conquering malaria for the fifth time. You have a strength well beyond your years my friend. Stay strong and keep up the fight. Wishing you a quick healing Malariaslayer.


Yeah, @Mark_Rocka, it’s not any more pleasant the fifth time (or the 4rth 3rd or 2nd for that matter) but at least I kind of know what to expect. I only have one dose left to take and by tomorrow (once again, Lord willing) I should be recovering.

Thanks, @Woodshed

Alright folks, I’ve finished the medication, and am now in recovery, and should be strong again by Wednesday! Thanks everyone for all the prayers!


I just want to thank all of y’all again for the prayers, well-wishes, and empathy. I am now 100% health wise, and still rebuilding my strength to try and win the limbo competition on thanksgiving.


Great news! Glad you’re feeling better. Do they have Thanksgiving there?

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So glad you responded to the treatment and your now on the mend

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@Mark_Rocka, there’s a church of christ missionary team of three families forty miles away that host a thanksgiving celebration for all the missionaries in the province who want to come. The festivities are a bit different than in the states, with slip and slide, piñata, limbo competition, and dance party accompanying the usual excessive gluttony and dessert. Those three families are our closest friends, cuz they’re the closest (distance wise) and their kids are our ages, and we’ve known them a long time. This is going to be the last thanksgiving for one of the families, as they’re leaving missions two days afterwards. It is going to be kind of sad :cry: I think I’ve gone off topic though :thinking: anyway, that whole lengthy, eloquent, post to say, yes we celebrate thanksgiving

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Glad you are better, I am surprised at the response time. We’ll keep praying for a bit to make sure it stays away. Sounds like a great get together!

I am glad that through this tough trial that you never lost sight of the important things in life… like brutally competitive limbo :crazy_face:

@Dragonslayer Lord is our helper. And good to hear you’re alright! Malaria was eradicated in India long time ago as when I was a kid the government was so confident that they announced a huge a monetary gift (something like 4 months salary) for anyone who reported Malaria.

@Mike_R, the response time can be surprising if you haven’t had it or a relative who has. The main reasons that malaria is such a killer, is that most people who get it don’t have access to medicine, or the knowledge that they need to stay hydrated, and then they have low blood iron anyway due to their diet, and can’t handle the parasites eating their red blood cells. If you are healthy beforehand, and keep hydrated, the medication works within three days almost every time. I did manage to keep sight of important things during, in the six days I had it (I started medication late cuz of a faulty test) I only missed reading my bible one day, missed music one day, and still lamented my lack of exercise. Anyway, I’m better now