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Got malaria, please pray

@jmonickaraj, he sure is! And thanks! They also eradicated it in the US and the outlawed ddt which I have an opinion about, anyway, four months salary! That’s a lot. They should rid africa of malaria, but sadly, some people value the birds more than the people

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Glad your better Gunnar. Praise God for your healing!

You know, many people give other people the credit for healing, given the advances in medicine, and they are worthy of those accolades.

But it is God who created the materials used for said medicines and gifted men and women with the intellect to produce these wonderful treatments.

I stand on that soapbox forever!

I dare say you’ve more than earned your moniker. :+1:


Amen brother! Is there room on that soapbox for one more? :joy: I know that as miserable as the medication is, I’m grateful to God that we have it, and that it’s not quinine. If by my moniker you mean my forum name, thanks, it’s actually my second middle name

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Yes, I did.

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@Dragonslayer, I know you have much to be thankful for… and we all celebrate with you. Be well.

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Grateful for your healing.

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