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Google Android users?

I have a Verizon Wireless version of a Samsung Galaxy S3. When I try to watch the Vimeo-based videos all I get is sound … the visual part never starts. Though, all the YouTube-based videos work fine.
Anyone else out there with this same issue?

Also, I was looking to get a tablet soon and want to make sure I get one that works with this site. Andy suggested getting an iPad since he knows that all their Apple products work fine with the site. Though, I am already invested in the Android ecosystem since I have owned their phones for the past 4 years.

Does anyone here have an Android tablet? If so, will you check to see how well it works with the Vimeo-based video files on this site? FYI, the Vimeo video files are the ones with the blue color in the user interface.


I am also quite interested in the answer to this question. I can appreciate why the site was site up originally with an Apple bias… but Android has now captured the largest share of the market and I’m sure Banjo Ben wouldn’t want to alienate more than half of the potential audience! I have an Android phone and two Android tablets. It would be very convenient for me to rely on my large tablet as a “practice buddy” and as a Silver Member evaluating the site I am concerned if all the videos won’t play.