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Golfers Get-Well card

I found a golf website that offered payment for a golf related greeting card.
I’m not a golfer but accepted the challenge. Sadly, the site was gone when I tried to submit the following gem.
If you have a golfing friend under the weather, you are welcome to employ the following sentiment.

The gang around the clubhouse are feelin’ mighty low.
They heard the news about you… it gave them quite a blow.
The rough around the 7th green reminds them how you feel.
And with every double bogie, they think of your raw deal
They heard the gown you’re wearin’ is showing off your butt
And your well enough to putter, but still to weak to putt.

Get well soon!!! 

All the best,


That’s pretty good!



— Begin quote from "mreisz"

That’s pretty good!

— End quote

Hi Mike,

I love your picture!
That ‘Hello Kitty’ guitar is awesome!!!

Have a great day,


Forum member Larry (ldpayton) deserves the credit for that. He used his digital wizardry to add that to the photo. Thanks again Larry!

Based on my wife’s affinity for Hello Kitty, if I find a guitar like that, I might need to get it. Either that or buy a beater and get some pink lacquer and go to town.

That’s hilarious!!!

I’m amazed, and somewhat saddened, that a cheep kids toy guitar can rip off into amazing guitar riffs that I only hope to one day achieve.
And they look so cool, too…

Am I missing something here?