Gold Member not working


I subscribed to become a gold member and recieved acknowledgement in my email (extract below), but when I login (using the red button) it still says become a gold pick member and does not allow me access to any of the pay for videos or tabs. :imp: - Does anyone know what else I can do? As I’m keen to get going.



Order Number: 1550
Order Time: 6/2/2012 5:01:56 PM
Current Status: Complete
Payment Method: Credit Card

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1MB-GOLD-1MOGold Pick Membership
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Grand Total: $5.00


Welcome, Gary. I think this is a problem that Ben will have to handle, but I understand your desire to get started right away. Are you getting logged in, but as a Silver Pick member, or is your log-in information failing?


Hi Larry

Thanks for the reply. Yes I can logn OK but only as a silver pick member.



That is perplexing, but I’m sure Ben can clean it up for you fast enough. Hopefully, he’ll check in after chuch is over, but If I were you, I might send a message directly to Ben (under the Contact tab) to let him know about the problem.