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Go Pro video camera, with audio

I have been looking at the GO-PRO type recorders and am finding a few that are made by other manufacturers cheaper with good reviews . Has any one had experience using these recorders so I might make a better informed decision. Want to use it to record a 200 year old playing his guitar,not that old but I sure feel like it at times. so any information would be helpful. Thanks a ton. I await the posts .

I have a GoPro. It does fine, but it’s real forte is that you can stick it anywhere. It’s fun for snowboarding and stuff like that. As far as recording videos of playing guitar, a simple little point and shoot does a pretty decent job. The video quality on the goPro is probably better than most point and shoots, but the audio on the goPro is nothing to write home about.

The audio was my main concern so I may pass on it . if I could only hear it . Would you mind posting a recording a small one would do about four bars of anything done live . Or you could turn it into a real production with dogs cats and rabbits playing the instruments LOL (Just kidding) of course .

I’d be glad to post a video. It might be a few days. If you don’t hear from me, feel free to remind me.

No hurry , take your time , Thanks for helping out .

I bought a Go Pro last year, and an after market mic (sticks out the side). I can’t recall the make and model, but believe I got it, based on Amazon reviews. I’ve only used it a couple times, but was very happy with the audio quality.

Sorry to be vague, but the point is, that there are add on mics that great improve Go Pro audio. Try a search on Amazon.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much will do