Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings


Wife and I typically make it to at least 10 shows a year. Some of our latest: Bluegrass Underground, couple trips to the Ryman, Station Inn, etc. Two weeks ago we went and watched Greensky Bluegrass, a week or so prior to that we seen Gillian and Dave at the Ryman.

Out of all of our concerts/events, the best by far was Gillian and Dave. Just two artist standing on stage with instruments doing their thing. They were absolutely fantastic. Some of the best picking, harmony singing, and sound that I have head in a long time.

If you get a chance I’d suggest you see them. It will be worth your time.


Good deal. Who did you see at Bluegrass Underground?


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Good deal. Who did you see at Bluegrass Underground?

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John Anderson.

It was a wedding anniversary thing. I had never been and the wife wanted to go. Tickets were available so we said “What the heck let’s go”. I will say that I didn’t enjoy his show that much. It was John and another guitarist “unplugged”. I have nothing against John Anderson, but it would be so nice if those “country” guys learned to get as good of a sound out of a guitar as the bluegrass guys do. They tend to just bang on them.

Other shows we’ve seen around Nash were Rhonda Vincent, Old Crow, John Prine, Yonder Mt String Band, Trampled by Turtles, Tennessee Mafia String Band, Dead & Company, and a few others…heck I even seen Ben and his sisters a few years back.

If we have the time and tickets are available then we go. We pretty much look 2 months or so in advance at the upcoming shows and plan accordingly. Sometimes we will go a month or so without seeing a show, other times we might get in 2-3 shows a month.

Station Inn is always the go-to place if we want to get out. They have a Sunday “jam” session but I’ve yet to show up.


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They have a Sunday “jam” session but I’ve yet to show up.

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That sounds like an opportunity for a good new year’s resolution. Give it a whirl, I bet you’d have a blast!


Oh I have seriously thought about making he Sunday jam at the Station Inn. What a place that is though. You never know who you are going to run into there. It’s the “mecca” of bluegrass music and a lot of grass folks launch their tours and new cd’s out of there. Some even just stop by when they are playing elsewhere in town and hang out.

I am sure there are some here that do not know what the Station Inn is, or have never been there. It’s a “dive” when compared to all other venues around town. Basically and old block building of a couple thousand foot with bran new high rises all around it. Cafeteria type tables, a small stage and popcorn and beer at the concession. I guess it’s like bluegrass…hasn’t changed that much in as many years.