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Getting used to a hearing aid

No one wants to admit using one but I will tell you they are nice . I just got one and the first thing I wanted to hear what my guitar sounded like,. it will be some time involved before I feel it is natural . but as I wear this one it grows on you it is programmed to eventually sound natural. The sounds you were missing crumpled paper and the clicking of the cheap mouse are all part of getting used to the aid . The ticking clock on the wall will have to be moved for sure,LOL/ as time goes by and using it the sounds that annoy now will be nothing. I can already stand the ticking clock . Anyone have experience with an aid speak up or not it is your preference . as always enjoy the music and never give up in or out . I am becoming "Bionic man " what with all the stuff crammed in me to make me still move. One more thing and that is cutting wind with hearing loss you donot hear it as it is and when you get a new aid you realize it is way to loud LOL .

My Father in law likes his. His favorite feature is that with his particular model he doesn’t have to wear hearing protection when he shoots skeet. Apparently, they can make them so that they protect against loud noises as well.

I have heard other guitarists saying it takes a while to get used to the sound of the guitar again, so that seems pretty normal.

I’m glad they are working well for you!

All the best with your hearing aid!!!

I lost a front tooth recently…got a partial. It seems weird to be sucking on a chunk of plastic all day, plus I feel like it makes me talk, sing with a lisp. So I figure I can either look good for pictures or have more street cred as a banjo player. Lol

This group(us) they could throw bombs or what ever at us and we would still pick . plastic teeth and all , artificial hearing included. The clicking of the pick is annoying but I guess everyone can hear that any way . The tech said that would go away because our brain will filter that out somewhere down the way.

Don’t let anything hold you back!!!
My line is,’ I’ve been through rough stuff… this aint it!!!’

I have a buddy, won Banjo picking championship of washington state a few years back… health problems… had a stroke and lost his hearing. He plays banjo by memory.

I consider that epic!!!

Wow, that is incredible. I wonder if he can feel the tone somewhat.

There’s a banjo joke in there somewhere about banjos not normally being in tune anyway, but I won’t go there. At least not all the way. :laughing:

He has been an incredible friend for years. In charge of a yearly bluegrass festival. I tried out for his group when they lost a guitar player. It was fortunate I didn’t get the part. Doubt I could have kept up.

He mentioned some funny things that were fun to do at the festivals. 
Announce that someone turned in a $20 dollar bill they found....  'Could the owner please form a double line from the parking lot!'


I have had some time to e-valuate the hearing aid and it is getting more like a normal sound. I like it so far . I had about half of my hearing gone and I could not tell what some one was saying because of certain freq loss. now those are more prominent and I can understand conversations much better. It sneaks up on you and would recommend any one to have a ear check at least every two years. most places will give them free . 200 bucks is the going rate but they get very little business that way so the reason for free ones every now and then . Mine cost 99 bucks for the aid and my insurance paid the rest $1800.00 and I am so thankful . Most of the time their office is staffed with real nice people interested in giving your hearing back . Praise God for the gift of hearing and seeing .

I’m glad you like them. It’s always good when something works out. I am lucky to have had exceptional sight for many years. Now I am getting the typical age related degradation. It makes me appreciate what I had for 40+ years. On a related note, if you want to see what is missing in our hearing, go do a frequency sweep. You can generate one or find them online. I can’t hear much up into the teens anymore. It makes me feel silly for adjusting an EQ at 18k. How would I know which way to go with it?

I am a former combat soldier. My hearing was pretty much destroyed in Iraq.

It’s really weird how all those sounds that one forgets about come rushing back when hearing aides are put in.

I live out “in the sticks” on a hobby farm, one neighbor owns 500+ acres of woods next to me, other properties surrounding me are vacant and are all wooded (couple hundred acres). My house is 1/4 mile back in the woods off a paved road that might get 100 cars a day as far as traffic. To me it was the quietest place on earth. That is until I purchased hearing aides.

The first time I walked out on my front porch and actually heard the leaves rustling in the wind was somewhat over-whelming. I had not heard leaves rustling in the wind for a very long time. I had not heard cicada’s (not a bad thing) crickets, etc for the same amount of time…but they sure lived in my head at night when trying to go to sleep. :slight_smile:

I am glad you are getting accustomed to your hearing aides. It took me awhile to get mine adjusted to my liking. They even created a custom setting on mine that i can use when playing music with a group. There are a lot of adjustments that can be made to fit your needs. I know I have 4 programmable settings on mine…just push a button to toggle through to get to the setting I want. Mine also have a Bluetooth function and I can link them to my cell phone, laptop, etc… pretty cool stuff.

If I may ask, how did you get insurance to pay for yours? I shelled out $4200 cash for my two “ears” because my insurance would not cover any of the cost. I really didn’t want to pay that much but I had to yield to my wife as her and the 3 kids were getting tired of having to yell at me during normal conversation. My wife would have spent twice that to eliminate her aggravation.

Good luck with your new ear(s). Please remember that you can always just pop them out when you want/need some peace and quiet! :laughing:

I already figured that one out about peace and quiet , that is one nice thing about losing some hearing (as long as you don’t lose it all) you can take them out and relax , of course you may not hear some one yelling fire get out now LOL. I have been using a small amp acoustic and I liked that but now I put the aides in and it is fine. I sent a PM on what my insurance paid for.

By the way I enjoyed your playing .

Thanks Welder.

My playing is a work in progress. I am progressing though, baby steps.