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Getting the phrasing right

I have been examining myself about how I learn from tab . I have found that if I spend a whole lot of time on the mechanics I usually wind up playing it wrong. What I have started doing is using the idea that it must sound just like the notes played on the tef files I study that sound so hard and I might do one or two bars until it sounds just right( I try and play note for note while it is running the tune) . I have tried it on several of the ones I know and have improved greatly . the latest is St Annes reel. I had learned it another way than what Ben has posted but I really like the bouncy feel that Ben puts into this one , so I set out to learn it. I have the first ten bars down, I could almost do it in my sleep . Not really but I was just trying to impress how much this way of learning works . it works for me it may not be such a big deal for most . one section of the song or tune uses only four notes but some more than others but it was a real stopping point for me I could get it but when I went back I forgot how it sounded and had to start over . Over the last two years I have developed a skill I guess you could call it that I can listen and play it back just like it but I do not retain it all of the time so I work more on it .

The reason I posted this is if any one out there is having trouble please try working out the phrase of each bar at 100 beats or 40 beats it will get you there much faster, for those who can pick it up quickly all I can tell you you have a special talent so use it, you are blessed . Play better and enjoy it .

Howdy Welder, thanks for the tip! The same thing helps me for phrases that are giving me trouble… just slow it down until it’s easy and go from there.

I feel as dumb as a fence post but I come to it eventually it is just common sense but I seem to lacking that for some time LOL . I guess we all have out eureka moments . It is so basic I almost did not post it .

I don’t think you are alone. I think it’s pretty common to try to get to speed before you really know how to play something right.

Mike I was having so much trouble remembering what the 4 th and the 5th bar sounded like (Phrasing ) I could go and listen and get it but after two minutes I had forgotten it . well I piled on the perseverance and after many times I have it locked down and yes just ten bars but it is ten bars I will know from now on. It just takes sticking with it til you have it .

What did I gain from this , “never give up” +sore fingers LOL