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I have a question specifically for BanjoBen, but I hope others will answer as well hopefully from experience. My question is this;

I have a 13 yr old granddaughter that I am trying to challenge to learn to play the guitar. I’m trying to bribe her with a trip, but if I do what should I require as a measurement to determine if she is making the effort? I realize at some point she will have to develop a desire. I’m just hoping that getting her started will generate that desire.


That’s a great question. Jake, my store manager, got started the same way with a challenge by his dad. The challenge was to learn how to play chords and backup his dad on some fiddle tunes. This is really smart, because it’s measurable AND they get the experience of playing with someone at the same time. Playing by yourself can be unattractive, but she’ll see the value of music with others. I would pick something easy like wreck of old '97 or she’ll be coming round the mountain.


Thanks for the comeback. That sounds pretty good. An attainable goal that she can reach and hopefully lite a fire in her for the guitar.
Thanks again.

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Make it fun - lots of fun! Take her to some local jams and play music with her on a regular basis - not as a teacher but as a fellow musician who just wants to jam a little. If you don’t play, find someone who does. Invite people over to jam once in a while so she can play with other people. When she gets far enough along, brag on her in front of her to others and ask her to show them what’s she’s learned. Did I mention make it fun??? That’s important - a lot of people, especially kids, start learning but then give up because it’s all work and boring and they get discouraged. Not only will you encourage her to play, you’ll create some fantastic memories together. Oh yeah just one more thing, be sure to have fun! :slightly_smiling_face: