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Get a "gen-u-wine" Marteen guitar on the cheap

Or maybe it’s Mortin, or Nartin. I dunno… but it’s cheap for as pretty as it is. :smile:

Well doggone! I has to be worth that!

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It even comes with the desirable, custom cardboard box that high-end Martins are famous for. Looks legit to me (insert sarcasm).

In the non-Chinese fake world, this is quite the expensive guitar.


This is interesting… I just had a friend asking about these tools for sale… wondering if it was legit.
Couldn’t help but notice all the typos on the site, a real red flag.

That’al be a Martin Smith High End Custom Model flown in special from Hong Kong China before Donald slaps on a steel tariff fur them super shiny strings.

The site is very new. That along with unbelievable low prices smells suspect.

Here is some quick info on the site. There are some negative user comments at the bottom.

Run away.

Somewhere I read or maybe it was on youtube someone did a review of these. I believe the conclusion was that the $120 fake china D-45s were as good as any $120 guitar you can get at a local guitar store in the USA. BTW, they are contraband and subject to confiscation if US Customs Service finds 'em in import shipments. I wonder if CF Martin would be interested in the extra design cues I saw on the $120 model? :slight_smile:

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An old saying that I use is "if it is to good to be true ,it probably isn’t "