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What is a moderator in BanjoBen forum?

Moderators (mods) are folks selected on a message board or forum that can manage posts. For example, if someone starts a post in the wrong forum, we can move it to the right one.

Do you need some help with the forum?

Nope, I was just wondering out of curiosity. Thanks:grinning:

How do I create a profile picture?

The picture links are broken, but the text in this link should get you there.

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Mark, I have a message that says all emails have been blocked by an administrator. Can you help me find out why? Is it something about my account or everyone’s?


It’s across the entire board. They’re in the process of some major back end work, so outbound emails have been disabled. Private messages still work, though.


@BanjoBen, could you create a lesson on I’ll Fly away - Guitar ?

Believe it or not, that song is still covered under copyright law. Ben is working on getting the rights to teach copyrighted material, but it’s a long process.