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G7th Newport

Just a bit of warning , I don’t know how their other capo’s work but I have had two newports and maybe I am to hard on them but I never had a problem with the other brands I have used but after extended use about 8 months they tend to fall apart, mind you this is the newport not the others I know nothing about the other models they make . I would not recommend the newport no matter how many they gave me . I love the idea behind them and if they worked a bit longer I would replace this one but they do not hold up . I might try a Thalia next it works the way the G7th does only backwards , Bit more pricey though. If it were my company I would discontinue the new port. Anyone else have trouble with the newport??

Thanks for that info Ken. Like picks, I like trying different capos too. That is one I’ve never tried so I’ll scratch that off my list.

My favorites are the simple Paige and the old reliable Shubbs. I don’t think either can be beat for the price. I’ve had two Elliotts and (no offense to anyone who uses one, I know Ben does), I just don’t get it. Yes the machining is precise, well sorta, and yes the fit and finish is superb, but no one can convince me that an Elliott will make your guitar sound any better than any other capo. After all, the sleeve itself is the only part of the capo that’s touching the strings.

I say sorta on the machining because my last one seemed to have a drag in the threads and for the cost I kinda expected better. I also had to really tighten hard to keep from buzzing and I’d have to retighten several times while playing. My first one was an Elite (like Ben’s) and they’re even more expensive. I had no problems with that one. The good thing is, they sell instantly on Mandolin Cafe without losing much money at all if someone decided it wasn’t for them. They are great people at Elliott, nice as can be and I’ll probably get another one in the future, I guess because all the other bluegrassers have them and they do look good.

Here’s a new Shubb that looks like it may be worth a try:
[attachment=0]shubb kapo.docx[/attachment]

We’ve been making guitar capos for over thirty-five years, utilizing our patented over-center locking principle. Its action most closely resembles that of the human hand, and we are confident that it is the most accurate capo in the world. Many of the top players will use nothing but a Shubb.

We have also been aware of some players who will always prefer a U-shaped, screw operated capo that can be stored behind the nut while not in use. For these players, we have now designed the Shubb Fine Tune Capo. It represents the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials, and offers a few unique features not seen before.

finetune capo

Model F1, for guitar

• Its innovative adjusting knob makes it the most ergonomic screw operated capo.

• The knob maintains a fixed relationship with the frame, for improved ease of use, and for the lowest profile when stored behind the nut.

  • The knob’s six surfaces are numbered, providing a visual reference to more easily and accurately reproduce your ideal pressure.

• Greater contact area between screw, frame, and knob ensures that the screw’s fit will never become loose and sloppy.

• Silicone rubber neck pad adds resilience to the capo’s closing action for finer control, and being absolutely inert, it will not mark an instrument.

• Rubber bumpers and smoothly rounded edges protect the instrument.

• Compact, jeweler’s style latch prevents accidental opening.

• Carefully machined to the closest thread tolerance.

  • Highly polished stainless steel with attractive abalone inlay.

model F5, for banjo

What capos do you all use out there in Banjo Ben Land :question:

I have various models, but I use Shubbs and my cut capo is a Keyser.

Never tried the Newport but thanks for the heads up Ken. I have an old Shubb that I like but tend to use a Paige most of the time. Just like the convenience of sliding it over the nut between tunes played without a capo. J.W. I really like the looks of the Shubb Fine Tune. Way more than I’ve ever spent on a capo but may just have to splurge!

JW I like what I see in the Shubb Kapo but not one that works like a Paige I use a Paige at the present but I I like simple things and I thought I would try the roller bearing type of Shubb. I like the simplistic working of the deluxe steel string with roller bearing . I just ordered one at Musicians friend. If it holds up I may have a keeper there. thanks for getting my interest up . 18 bucks no shipping you sure can’t beat the price either. I love the Paige but I guess I just like having different ones /… $75.00 is a bit to high for me on the new one .

It’s hard to beat a good ole Shubb. Like you said, they’re simple and reliable too. I’ve never tried the roller type. I’d bet they are a little smoother and for that price, you can’t go wrong. I still have the old standard and it’s never let me down. It’s just a little harder to keep it behind the nut. I like to keep a capo on the guitar. It works but you have to keep it clamped down slightly and I worry about it pushing down on the strings, causing the tuning to go sharp or it getting knocked off easily.

I’m hoping someone here on the forum will be the Guinea Pig on the new Shubb Elite and let us all know whether we should invest in one or not. :wink:

Great topic!
I’ve settled for the Kaiser capo. One broke a few years ago. Used Shaub for years. They are nice.
Does anyone use the capos with adjustable rubber prongs for alternate tunings?