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G7th capo

Just received the replacement capo today . no questions asked at all. Did not have to send the old one back and they sent it from the UK I would say they stand behind their product and have made a long time customer of me . By the way I like the capo it is small and not in the way at all and is easy to place and once you get it adjusted it stays very close might have to tweak it a tad at times. storage is a problem but if you have a pocket it fits there nicely , 29 bucks or less on sale

Good customer service is a good (and unfortunately, sometimes rare) thing to find.

Good to hear! I love my G7th; it is my favorite capo for bano out of the 4 have.

I put it on the head of the banjo or guitar (I have both, really like em) when not in use. You need to pay some attention as it can slide of, but it works for me to store with no pockets…

The more you use them the better you like em . I know I was skeptical at first but the longer I used it the more I got used to it . and it is not a problem for me to store in my pocket I don’t do a lot of dancing around when I play I have not much energy any more . Would love to sit most of the time LOL . I think what happened to the other one my Daughter likes to fiddle with things I have and she might have adjusted it and may have put it on to tight so I watch where I leave it now . not sure but I do know if you over tighten it is not a good thing. Hard on any mechanical item . But yes no questions asked and no return and they sent me a new one . free no charge not even postage ,from the UK also .

Seamus Brady was the fellows name I dealt with

I found out what happened to the capo now that I have a new one to compare it to . where the ball of the screw rides on the metal below it the insert of nylon or what ever it was fell out it either broke or just fell out. The over center will not work on the other side. What I did was place the capo in a vise and tie up the top away from the place where the ball rides and filled it with epoxy glue the hard kind and when it cures 24 hours I will know if the repair works or not . So if you have one and it suddenly stops working as it should the material is gone from the groove where the ball rides you can not make it up on the other side as it will destroy the entire capo . I will let you know if the repair works or not .

Epoxy or the JBweld would be a good medium for repairing the G7th capo. the stuff I used was a similar product like JB weld but I think the epoxy might be a tad harder . I think what happened to the capo was when I had the rubber split I took it off and the insert in the channel fell out I did not notice it because I was out side . It is in my back yard somewhere but never to be found . The screw with the ball on the end rides on the surface of the insert or now the Plastic stuff I put in there, so far so good it works . Happy picking and grin while you are playing it gets em in the mood .